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Beer Flight

The Golden Mile

The "annual" celebration of Lucas' birthday that he definitely hosts every year and there hasn't been a break since 2019.
This year's adventure is kicking off on 9 September at 2:30pm


What is it?

A pub crawl organised by Lucas so that everyone else has fun including him. There are a series of challenges laid out to all participants so that they can compete to be the champion of the mile. The last champion is pictured


Where and When?

We will be starting off at Brew by Numbers at 2:30pm.

Maltby Street Food market is right nearby so load up on food and bring it over before getting into the booze. Or do whatever you want, you're an adult.

We will be crawling to 5 different places (schedule is a secret until the day) so if you want to join later, make sure you're on the WhatApp updates from Lucas or message him directly and hope he sees it while moderately sober




Who knows really why we do the things we do. If you want to get more why, tell Lucas (+44 776 961 7715) and he'll add you to the WhatsApp blasts so you can join on the adventure.

Why not?



The Challenges

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